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Hell Hound is a new unit type in Anomaly 2, it roughly replaces the Dragon unit in Anomaly: Warzone Earth.

Hell Hound.png


Designed for urban warfare, the Hell Hound is heavily armored and equipped with two independent flamethrowers with a high rate of fire. The flamethrowers can set towers on fire and give additional damage as they burn. Flamethrowers get more effective over time and warm up quickly.

Technical Information[]

Price Attack Armor Range
Buy 150 160 140 40
Level 1 150 180 (+20) 160 (+20) 40
Level 2 300 220 (+40) 200 (+40) 40
Level 3 600 280 (+60) 260 (+60) 40
Total 1200


Morph into: Assault Hound


  • Heavily armored, high damage.
  • Can attack 2 towers at the same time.
  • Can set towers on fire, dealing damage over time.
  • Effective in close-quarter combat situations.


  • Limited range
  • Just like Assault Hound, it needs an amount of time to reach its maximum damage output.

Additional Information[]

  • Hell Hound has a very high Rate of Fire, thus not recommended to use it against Chargers.
  • One can bypass Chargers without selling their Hell Hounds by Morphing between Assault Hounds and Hell Hounds repeatedly, and let Rocket Hammers (or any other slow-firing unit) do the job.
  • Hell Hound is very effective against Predators since it can attack towers on both sides, but keep in mind, Predators out-range Hell Hounds.