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Assault Hound is a new unit type in Anomaly 2, it roughly replaces the APC in Anomaly Warzone Earth.

Assault Hound.png


The Assault Hound has considerable firepower and good range. Its rate of fire increases when firing and reaches maxium power after twelve seconds. Its cannon cool down quickly though, so you constantly keep enemies in its path. The units' rate of fire should be considered high.

Technical Information[]

Price Attack Armor Range
Buy 150 150 100 70
Level 1 150 195 (+45) 110 (+10) 70
Level 2 300 285 (+90) 130 (+20) 70
Level 3 600 420 (+135) 160 (+30) 70
Total 1200


Morph into: Hell Hound


  • High Rate of Fire.
  • Good armor, damage, range.
  • Effective in open combat at mid-range.


  • Needs approx. 12 seconds to reach its maximum damage output.
  • Vulnerable when attacked from both sides.

Addtional Information[]

  • Assault Hound, just like Hell Hound, has very high Rate of Fire. Thus not recommended to use them against Chargers.
  • One can bypass Chargers without selling Assault Hounds by Morphing between Assault Hounds and Hell Hounds repeatedly, and let Rocket Hammers (or any other slow-firing unit) do the job.
  • Assault Hound has roughly the same range as the Predator.


  • Assault Hounds are referred as "The Pride of the Convoy" by Colonel Ellen Bolt.